No Lively Diet Nor Exercise for Blake

Well, this might not be a good example to follow that Blake Lively reveals in UK Glamour August 2009, she doesn't do any food diet for her perfect look. Exercises haven't also been part of her days.

Ah, God must have spent little more time when He made her. So whatever she eats, whether she works out or not, that's Blake Lively! With her beauty and proportional parts attached...

She, however, plans to hire a trainer. Nah nah nah! She's already OK without workouts, so what will she look like with some hours of exercises? My advice, don't do it too much. Madonna is just a perfect example of visiting gym a little over. Look at her muscles...euw!

I don't think Blake would need her muscles that bad only to meet with Penn Badgley. I'm sure about this.

Source: people