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Last updated: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did you hear any rumors about Blake Lively in the midst of a bitter feud with co-star Leighton Meester?

Hell, no! Blake says it's all nonsense.

Blake refutes the reports, blaming the media for the speculative falling out - accusing the tabloid press of "pitting women against each other".

"I think it's so silly that they try to pry into our personal lives and create drama. All this me against Leighton thing is the biggest nonsense in the world," she says.

Does it come clear, fans?

July 20, 2013 |  Eleni 
Blake Lively is the break out star of Gossip Girl. I think she was the most well known since she starred in the Traveling Pants seires. Also, she is dating Penn and they are such a great cute couple. She is the most lively of all the cast members so I think she does a great PR job for herself. She's got it all.

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