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Last updated: Friday, May 16, 2008

Blake 'Christina' Lively, who is originally from Tarzana, CA, swears there's no off-screen romance with her Gossip Girl castmate Penn Badgley.

Rumors have been everywhere that those two artists are in hot relationship as seen on their hit show.

The 20 year-old-actress denies the gossip and tells media that she has always been friends with boys.

In the a later interview with People, Blake seemed to protest those who tended to create negative image on her; add and minify any single part of her life and career. In a higher tone Blake made sure that they just will not affect her.

Sure, Blake! She's perfectly a tough person upon any gossips as she was born in a showbiz family and quickly followed her parents and siblings steps.

Her first role was Trixie the Tooth Fairy in 1998 movie "Sandman" directed by her dad, Ernie Blake.

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